P A D U A and its Faith

This tour is for pilgrims and religious groups as in Padua St. Anthony spent the last three years of his life and it is very interesting the visit the St Anthony Basilica: the busiest and most beloved saints on the calendar. St Anthony could be said to have become one of the “quickest” saints in the history of the Catholic Church because he was canonized one year after his death. He is venerated all over the world as Patron Saint for lost articles and is credited with many miracles involving lost people, lost things and even lost spiritual goods. To press a palm against his tomb is a particular moment for everyone. Also it is a great emotion to stand behind the main altar admiring Donatello’s bronze statues. Another important religious building is Saint Justine Basilica with precious relics as St Luke Evangelist Tomb and St Mattie Apostle Tomb and the first pre-Christian church of Padua.
Also outside the city it is possible to visit monument of importance as Camposampiero and the Benedictine Abbey of Praglia.

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