This itinerary could be a nice combination between walking paths on the hills and artistic visits in the surroundings. The routes have with no points of special difficulty and they have a good walking surface and only modest differences in altitude. It is suitable for everyone.

1° day:
Walking Tour in the Park of the Euganean Hills: Path Monte Grande and Monte della
Madonna. Starting point: From the church of Rovolon climb up to the ruins of Castle
Maltraversi XI.s., we continue up through a typical chestnut wood on a volcanic substrate. At changing of the sun exposition we note thermophile species, till we reach Passo Fiorine.
After a short climb up between path and street we reach the Sanctuary of Monte della Madonna. Return back through Passo Fiorine for path Monte Grande up to 467 m. over the sea level crowned by the Experimental Centre for Hydrology and Meteorology of Teolo.
From Monte Grande descend to Rovolon.
This tour will take around 4 hours Lunch.
Afternoon: Guided visit by mini-bus of Arquà Petrarca, Este and Benedictine Abbey Praglia.

2° day: Path Monte Cecilia.
Starting point: Baone take a track flanked by hedges of common maple, Chinese mulberry, thorn bushes, hawthorn and lilac. Panoramic view of Monte Cero and Calaone. In Este we take a tour along the medieval walls. Rests of the castle of Ezzelino. Panoramic view Monte Ricco, Monselice, Arquà, Monte Venda, Monte Gemmola and return back among Judas tree and hawthorn with yellow flowers. This tour takes 4 hours. Lunch.
Afternoon: Guided visit by mini-bus of Park at Valsanzibio, Monselice with Castle Cà Marcello.

3°day: Path Monte Venda.
Starting point: Casa Marina climb up on the flanks of the Monte Venda where there are ruins of the ancient Monastery of the Olivetani. Panoramic view. On the path it is possible to watch abundant heather, pubescent oak and in spring blossom of the rockrose. Chestnut wood and landscape full of vineyard and olive grove. This tour takes 3 hours. Lunch. Afternoon: Guided visit by mini-bus of Vicenza famous for the architecture by Palladio: Monte Berico, Teatro Olimpico, Contrà Porti, Basilica Tempio di Santa Corona.

4°day: Path Monte Cinto:
Starting point Museum geopaleontologico at Cava Bomba, after a panoramic path you cross a small acacia wood and then descend along the forestry track crossing a wood full in ash, butcher’s-broom and wild asparagus than we reach a large rhyolite spur of the “Busa dei Briganti” (Den) , we continue admiring the old rhyolite quarry. This tour takes 3 hours. Lunch. Afternoon: Guided visit by mini-bus: Cittadella, Castelfranco with visit of the Cathedral, Asolo.

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