Here are my proposals concerning the visit of the Venetian Lagoon

Venice and its Lagoon:
Guided tour along the Riviera del Brenta from Padova with explanations of the 70 villas along the banks until we reach the locality of Fusina around the Lagoon and embarquement on a private boat for the visit of the venetian Lagoon with panoramic view of the Giudecca canal and San Marco’s square from the water basin where we reach the S.Giorgio Maggiore Island for the visit of the Palladian Church and the exquisite Benedictine Abbey with cloisters, library and gardens.

South part of the Lagoon:
Starting point from Chioggia, guided tour of the characteristic town and embarquement by boat with panoramic view along the littorals of Pellestrina, S.Pietro in Volta, Malamocco, Lido and Venetian islands.

Special tour:
Visit of San Francesco del Deserto Island where Franciscan monks settled already in the year 1222 when St. Francis of Assisi took a rest there. Next stop will be San Lazar degli Armeni Island where you can learn more about the Armenian population and religious, founded after the arrival of Mechitar in the year 1702. It was the place of lonely stays of Lord Byron.

Island San Servolowith its interesting Museum for Madness

Named the little Venice, situated south of the lagoon offers interesting and typical views of a fishing island along canal della Vena with “bragozzi” boats. Visit of the fish market in the morning and walking tour along the corso. Visit of the S.M.Assunta Cathedral with the chapel San Felice and Fortunate,Garibald’s Gate. Next visit will be the San Domenico Church with paintings by Carpaccio, Tintoretto, Jacopo da Bassano.