If you wish to spend one day immerged among the green of nice hills, among the blossoming of almond-trees, cherry-trees, admiring the elaborate technique of construction of the medieval walls, hidden corners, beautiful front of Villas surrounded by gardens where art and history are mixed together, or either be wrapped in the silent of a Benedictine Abbey, don’t hesitate to be guided in this area of 350 square Km of volcanic origin, which originated in the Oligocene about 35 million years ago, inhabited by man since early Palaeolithic times, the Park also contains some interesting archaeological sites, and natural history and ethnographic museums. Inside it there are 15 towns and villages which combine environmental delights with medieval fortifications, Venetian villas, historical gardens, monasteries.
It offers the possibility of a quite stay but rich in touristic visits and various possibilities to enjoy some days of vacations...
If you like to walk or ride during your vacation it is possible to enjoy a nice view and I know places where to look for botanic plants.
Walled towns:
walking tour at the seven churches and internal visit of the Castle Cà Marcello with armoury, beautiful medieval fire-places and a typical medieval kitchen.
ESTE: and its walls we visit the Cathedral with a painting by G.B.Tiepolo and the National Archaeological Museum
MONTAGNANA: fortified town with its Cathedral
ARQUA’ PETRARCA: visit of the Poet’s house Francis Petrarch,
History and geological formation through the Euganean Hills Museums:
Archaeological Museum at Este; Geopanteological Museum at Cava Bomba; Naturalistic Museum at Villa Beatrice; Museum of the Bacchiglione River at Cervarese.
For Gardens Lovers:
History and Myths weaves in the Venetian gardens, where art, nature and natural medicine have enjoyed human soul and knowledge since the first Renaissance time. We start with the visit of the gardens of Villa Pisani at Strà: the architecture of the XVIIth c is rendered alive through glycine, gingko bilobao and aquilegia. Stop in the city of Padua at the Botanical Garden the first one founded in Europe and still on the original site with medical plants the so called “Semplicium”. Everything about plants: insectivorous and aquatic plants, orchid’s glasshouse, and more and highest point is the visit of the orchid’s glasshouse with vanilla plant. The later part of the visits dedicated to the Villa Valsanzibio Park where we are going to enjoy a mixture of art, philosophy and myth. The interpretation of the neoplatonic philosophy create an harmony between art and nature
Villas and Castles:
During this excursion it is possible to admire the exquisite Villa Barbarigo Loredan Rezzonico in Noventa Vicentina. We reach nearby Villa Poiana by Palladio. It is also worth to visit Villa Marzotto Trissino. After few kilometers we arrive at the medieval walled towns of Montagnana and Este where we visit their interesting Churches. Another suggestion is the visit of Villa Emo-Capodilista in Montecchia or Villa Molin by Scamozzi in Maserà. It is possible to combine also the visit of Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta and the medieval town of Cittadella

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